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10 Economic Situation: Income

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General Information

Title Economic Situation: Income
Panel LISS panel
Project Number 10
Abstract This questionnaire is part of the LISS Core Study, a longitudinal survey delivering a broad range of social core information about the panel members.
The survey focuses on income.
Study Type Core Studies
Longitudinal Type Longitudinal Study
Note Changes regarding to the previous wave are specified in the Introduction of the codebook.
In the question text the year 2007 is entered, but for wave 2 you should read 2008, for wave 3 2009 etcetera.

List of concepts:

Economic Situation

Subjective standard of living
Employment income / Earnings
Self-employment income
Non-employment income: pension
Non-employment income: benefits
Non-employment income: other
Credit, debt, payments
Total income
Financial/material well-being
Financial expectations
Relative deprivation
Financial management
Material deprivation

List of Measures

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