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92 Value and effectiveness of work tasks

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General Information

Title Value and effectiveness of work tasks
Panel LISS panel
Project Number 92
Abstract The goal of this study is to gain insight into how people appraise the importance of their daily work tasks and how effective they are in performing these tasks; to find out where they learned to perform their work tasks; to investigate how working life can be prolonged; and how mobility on the labor market can be increased.
Study Type Assembled Studies
Longitudinal Type Single Wave Study
Begin date 2012-05-07
End date 2012-05-30
Researcher Ter Weel, Bas,
Analysis Unit Individual
Publisher CentERdata
Copyright © 2013 CentERdata
Funding Organization
CPB Netherlands (Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)

Response Overview

Selected number of household members 3,883 (100%)
Non-response: 1,103 (28.4%)
Response: 2,780 (71.6%)
Complete: 2,688 (69.2%)
Incomplete: 92 (2.4%)

Collection Events

Data Collection Period: 2012-05-07 to 2012-05-30
Sample: Panel members that are employed, who work or assist in family business or who are autonomous professionals, freelancers or self-employed for more than 12 hours a week.
Data Collection Mode: internet survey
Fieldwork Organization: CentERdata
Fieldwork Note: A reminder was sent twice to non-respondents.


Name Description
Value and effectiveness of work tasks The questionnaire was administered in Dutch.

Codebooks and Other Materials

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Material Type: pdf
Description: Codebook in English
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Material Type: pdf
Description: Codebook in Dutch
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Dataset: gp12a
Version: 1.0
Variables: View Variables


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The following publications based on the data of this study are currently available:

  1. De Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt in taken
    Taken en vaardigheden in beeld - Nieuwe meetmethode biedt kansen
    Ter Weel, B. ; Kok, S.

  2. Taken en vaardigheden op het werk. Bevindingen uit de eerste en tweede Nederlandse Skills survey
    Berg, E. van den, ; Eldert, P. van, ; Fouarge, D., ; Weel, B. ter