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11 Economic Situation: Housing

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General Information

Title Economic Situation: Housing
Panel LISS panel
Project Number 11
Abstract This survey is part of the LISS Core Study, a longitudinal study delivering a broad range of social core information about the panel members.
The survey focuses on housing.
Study Type Core Studies
Longitudinal Type Longitudinal Study
Note Changes regarding to the previous wave are specified in the Introduction of the codebook.
In the question text the year 2007 is entered, but for wave 2 you should read 2008, for wave 3 2009 etcetera.

List of concepts:


Housing characteristics
Housing expenditure
Second home

List of Measures

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The following publications based on the data of this study are currently available:

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  2. Health in homes: An investigation of the Dutch rental housing market
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  3. Homeownership and party choice in the Netherlands
    HOWCOME Working Paper Series, No. 14
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  4. Reminders in Web-Based Data Collection : Increasing Response at the Price of retention?
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  5. Sick of noise: health effects of rude neighbours and urban din.
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  6. The Impact of Non-Coverage in Web Surveys
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  7. The Retirement Savings Puzzle: the Role of Gains in Housing Wealth and Home Production
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